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Clarke says he will remain as Milwaukee County Sheriff

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke today announced that he has decided to continue serving as Milwaukee County Sheriff and will forgo the upcoming campaign for the soon to be open position of Milwaukee County Executive.

“I am grateful for the trust and support the voters gave me in the election earlier this month, and I want to focus my full attention on improving the quality of life for the people of Milwaukee County,” Clarke said in a statement.“Campaigns can be a distraction for an organization,” he added.

“Starting another one just after being elected to a new term is not the right step at this point. I’m committed to keeping this organization on track toward improving the quality of life for the people of Milwaukee County. Public safety continues to be my passion and job one for this office.”

FOX 6 Announces The Return of Weekend WakeUp News

WITI FOX 6 announced today the station will return to broadcasting local weekend morning news starting Saturday, March 5th, 2011.

FOX 6 News produces Milwaukee's number one rated morning news program 'FOX 6 WakeUp News' weekdays 430-9am and 'Real Milwaukee' 9-10am. "I'm extremely proud of the FOX 6 News Department - we are the leaders in Milwaukee producing informative and compelling local news," says WITI FOX 6 President and General Manager, Chuck Steinmetz "In January, we extended our weekday 'WakeUp News' to start at 4:30am and just this past September the FOX 6 News department launched 'Real Milwaukee,' which was an instant ratings success."

Wisconsin Election Results 2010

For up-to-the-minute election results, stay with FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com.

We'll have all the local races, from Milwaukee Alderman to statewide races like governor and senator.

Visit the FOX6 Election Headquarters, bookmark the page and stay tuned for results all night long.



Dish Network, FOX reach deal

Just days away from a freeze, Dish Network reaches a deal with FOX. The deal avoids a blackout of the broadcast networks and restores more than 20 cable channels that have been dark on satellite for more than a month.

That means, if you have Dish Network, you'll still get FOX6 programming.

Study says only 17% of drivers buckle up dogs

A new study shows a shocking number of dog owners don't buckle their best friend. If you were caught driving with your child in your lap, you would be in trouble. A new survey by AAA says 20% of dog owners admitted they let their furry friend ride shotgun, and even worse admit to petting or playing with their dog while they're behind the wheel.

Riding shotgun with the window down is most dogs favorite place to ride. AAA Rep Roy Hinz says, "You know people say well my dog is really well behaved, it doesn't move, well it doesn't matter."

AAA did a survey and found that only 17% of dog owners buckle up their best friend. One dog owner said, "No, I think for him it would scare him." Even scarier is what would happen in a crash.

At just 50 miles an hour, a 10 pound dog would exert 500 pounds of force. That could be devastating for a small dog.

Milwaukee Police unveil new high-tech "Rhino" armored truck

A new tool is about to hit the streets of Milwaukee to fight crime. The unique vehicle is being unveiled Tuesday.

A new armored vehicle is the latest tool in law enforcement's arsenal. It's a truck called Rhino, named for its reinforced frame donated by a security firm.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan says it's the product of Operation Impact, a privately funded initiative allowing additional police presence in some south side neighborhoods.Four cameras are installed on the exterior of the trunk to monitor the area it's parked in, and an officer doesn't need to be inside to watch the video. He or she can access the surveillance from an outside computer through a remote connection.

Donovan says the vehicle won't just catch crimes in progress, but will stop them before they happen in areas like 20th and Scott. While some welcome the additional presence others aren't sure.

40 puppies dead after catching parvovirus in Milwaukee

More than 40 puppies have died after catching a dangerous virus in Milwaukee. The Wisconsin Humane Society is reminding people to get healthy puppies - like the one shown above - vaccinated against the parvovirus.

Parvo is a deadly virus spread through a dog's waste. Normally, cases of parvo are few and far between.

Recently, however, 12 cases have come to the Wisconsin Humane Society and 30 to Milwaukee's Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC).

Only one dog has survived.